Monday, January 31, 2005

My thoughts on Apple

I have been very interested in watching the way Apple has released its new "Ipod Shuffle". I am totally convinced that apple will become more of the standard in the next few years. I write that of course on my Windows PC running the latest greatest software from Microsoft. Although with the release of the Apple Mini, I am getting closer to jumping off that brink and becoming a apple customer.

Here is the why-

1. I think that an Apple machine is technologically superior to any other. They are well put together machines, built to last. I am not totally versed in Apples history, so I don't know if that has always been the case. They seen to understand the level that most people are on when it comes to computers.

2. Versatility. If you talk to a graphic artists or movie person, hands down they use Apple. I always laugh when someone comes to make a presentation to me using Microsoft Publisher or some other product of that caliber. But like a mentioned before, these tools are there to be used if they are needed, not a necessary step to daily computer use. I have also seen that Apple has been able to capitalize on the needs of the graphic designing crowd. These people are powerful, they influence all our buying decisions and the way we live our lives. There are so many people out there with incredible talent. Apple brought the tools to those people.

3. Apple is on the rise. I heard once that Apple used to use the slogan "Proudly going out of business for twenty years" I thought this was hilarious. I remember when I was first entering the world of computers, I was so enamored by Microsoft and what they have done, that I wondered how Apple was still in business. Granted I still have great respect for Microsoft and Bill Gates, however I now see that Apple is not near as obsolete as I once thought. They are so far ahead in the media world. Moreover, Apple was recently named the worlds most notable computer force (knocking Google off from last year) by a worldwide survey of executives.

4. Apple knows Marketing. Frankly, I am a critic when it comes to marketing. I hate nothing worse than a bad marketing campaign. I have never felt this way with Apple. Their marketing excites me, makes me go to their website, makes me want their product. Is that not the essence of marketing.

Go to their website for more information.