Monday, October 08, 2007

Traditional Marketing, how I loath thee...

Ok, I don't really loath it. It has its place in my heart I suppose. It got me threw hard times in my early SunRiver days. I was so innocent then.

Looking back, its amazing we did as well as we did considering all the money we spent on old and tired marketing approaches. Sure they netted us a few sales, but we surly never led the pack of home builders. I guess it was early 2005 when we were at the height of the real estate boom when I realized that 90% of the ads (printed, radio, whatever) that I sent out didn't matter a tinkers damn one way or the other in making a sale.

My whole life changed the day I received a very unique direct mail piece from a local marketing company. At first I said "wait a minute, they can't do that, its to racy, it has nothing to do with the product they are trying to sell!". Much to my dismay I researched further and became intrigued with how much emotion this unique marketing invoked. Ever since then I have tried to incorporate that spirit of uniqueness into my marketing approach. Ill be honest, often others around me think I'm wasting time and money. I say look at the numbers, we are finally leading the pack.