Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Procrastination Nation

Why do I procrastinate? Why is it that I put things off that cause me stress and grief, both at work and home? Why am I Johnny on the spot with somethings, while lazy about others? Well sound the alarm because I think I have it figured out why.

Recently I was reviewing my task list at work, and realized that the items that were the furthest past due, were 1. the items that keep me up at night, and 2. were the items that I am not totally sold that they will make a tinkers damn of difference. Maybe its human nature or maybe im just weird, but if something is thrust upon me and I have'nt been totally sold that it will increase production or accomplish some kind of goal, then in my mind a write it off as "ill do this when I have more time" or "this can wait because my ideas are better and more valuable." This is easier to identify at work than it is at home. Although I wonder how many things I am dismissing at home that my wife is ready to ring my neck over? Scary.

So my resolve. Before I agree to do something for someone, I need to be sure I am sold on the idea. I am not a very good worker bee who just does the task that is in front of me. I need some drive and motivation to make my task shine.