Monday, June 23, 2008

2008 Election Year

The candidates are as follows:

John McCain-  I have loathed this person since the 2000 presidential primaries.  I think he is as far from a trustworthy politician as they come.  In the past eight years he has been much more interested in appearing on Saturday Night Live or the Daily Show then he has on being a Representative.  If I was from the state of AZ I would be absolutely disgusted.  John, I don't really care that you were a POW. Many people were POW's, and while I am so grateful for their sacrifice, I don't think that qualifies them to be President.  Nine times out of ten, I would automatically vote for a republican, not this time.  He is the one, and will not get my vote.  (frankly, I am really disappointed in the RNC, that this is the horse they would ride.  Shows me how much they (or I) have changed since Reagan.)

Barak Obama-  Obviously he wont get my vote either.  Not because I dislike him as a person the way that I dislike John McCain, but because his political views are opposite then mine.  I must say, at least he is standing for something.  Granted the change he wants is not the change I want, but I respect his commitment and accomplishments.

Bob Barr-  Oh the third party candidate.  This is always the fun part of the election.  Most times the candidate turns out to be more of a sideshow then possible candidate.  We shall see.  Mr. Barr is too far right for me.  His views are the polar opposite then Obama, which is too far the other direction for me.  He wont get my vote.

So where does that leave me?  I think many Americans feel the same way I do in this election.  I am really interested in seeing the VP choices.  There is a very slight chance that the choice would sway me to cast a vote, but I doubt it.  

Politically, I hope its a quick 4 years, whoever gets voted in.  


Cathryn said...

The best thing McCain could do for this country is appoint Romney as his VP, get elected and then die. :) Our political future would then have something to stand on.

BTW, being a military wife I have more respect than ever for a POW or anyone that serves in the military. But, I also agree that that doesn't automatically qualify a person to run the country.

Cathryn said...

Tap tap this thing on? Is anyone listening?

I have been uploading to Flickr...I am ready for a new and exciting read!